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Compost Tea

We Offer Compost Tea Brewing Equipment

See below for details:

Kinney Nursery and Topsoil offers you FREE COMPOST TEA!

We offer FREE COMPOST TEA every growing season to support our local growing communities, encourage organic gardening methods, and bring in new customers too!

With any purchase we offer a one gallon container and KNTS Compost Tea free!

Get five gallons free when you bring any leak-proof container.

5 Gallon Containers are available for purchase for $9 with a free fill-up of KNTS Compost Tea.

Additional Gallons are available for just $2 /gallon

Bulk Tea! 50+ gallons only $1.50 /gallon
24 hour notice is required, and containers must be provided.

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Benefits of Compost Tea:

– Better plant growth resulting in better tasting vegetables & bigger blossoms.
– Boosts beneficial organisms that enhance plants immune systems.
– Packed with essential nutrients that are easily absorbed.
– Encourages root growth and helps plants pull nutrition from farther down.
– An all-natural alternative to harsh chemical fertilizers that can harm insects, wildlife, and even humans.