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To us, organic gardening is the key to premium plants. With input and feedback from growers across the area, Kinney is proud to now offer a full range of premium Certified Organic fertilizers. Paired with an organic Compost Tea program, our custom-blended fertilizers are guaranteed to boost soil and improve the health and yield of your garden.


Certified Organic:

Kinney Nursery and Topsoil Fertilizers are all Certified Organic by the California Department of Food and Agriculture. This means our fertilizers are all-natural and free from harmful synthetic chemicals, pesticides, and dyes. These fertilizers work well with both organic and synthetic gardening programs.

Committed to Sustainability:

A healthy planet is rooted in sustainable actions. Our home nursery is 100% run on solar, and our organic ingredients contain as many sustainable products as possible, such as easily-sourced, naturally-occurring crustacean meal and volcanic dust.

Locally Sourced:

Whenever possible, we include locally-sourced ingredients—like alfalfa meal—over imported ones. As a family-owned business, we know the importance of supporting the local economy!


The organic ingredient blends of Kinney Certified Organic Fertilizer ensure nutrients are only released as the plant needs them, allowing them to stay in the soil and complement other gardening programs. With added biology working hard to break down the fertilizers, results are much quicker than simple organic fertilizers (Land & Sea, All Seasons, Bloom Instigator). To really speed results up add an aerated compost tea.

More for Your Time and Money:

Do you find yourself buying multiple fertilizers to ensure the right balance? One bag of Kinney Certified Organic fertilizer has more ingredients than any other brand, saving you time, money and ensuring the correct nutrition balance for a healthy, thriving garden.

New and Long Term Gardeners:

Whether you’re a seasoned grower or new to gardening, prefer organic or synthetic styles, or enjoy flowers or orchards, Kinney Certified Organic fertilizer is here to support your gardening passion.

Designed with You in Mind:

We’re here to support you! Customer feedback is at the heart of our fertilizer brands, and your input is instrumental in helping us create custom-blended products for the growing requirements of our area.

Love our fertilizers? Be sure to ask your local nursery to carry Kinney Topsoil and Products!